Student’s nonprofit is music to ailing kids’ ears



Burnt Bridge Creek — In response to her grandfather’s losing battle with cancer, Madeline Bennett, 17, started her own nonprofit, Owl Be Better With Music. The organization is designed to bring music into the lives of children battling cancer and other life-threatening health conditions. Businesses including River City Music, Beacock Music, Build-A-Bear and FedEx have given Bennett support and donations.

On Oct. 26, Owl Be Better held its first event at Shriners Hospital in Portland. The first child they worked with was 5-year-old Trishelle Adsuna. “The room was full of joy as she and her little sister passed instruments between each other while Nick Etlin played and sang,” Bennett said. “It was such a sweet moment watching the two sisters share and play together.”

The nonprofit plans to continue and expand its work. To learn more or donate, visit its Facebook page Owl Be Better With Music.