Letter: Public transit is lifeline for many



There are reasons why limiting public transportation is wrong and we call those reasons our friends or ourselves. Some of us are disabled, elderly, poor, college students or unable to drive. Some of us cannot afford cars or to get the one we have fixed. We rely on the bus for backup transportation to work and to play. Without Sunday bus service, many of us will lose access to our churches. Some will no longer be able to travel to areas where fishing is permitted and we will lose opportunities to put food on our dinner tables. We may no longer have a way to escape our circumstances, if only for a little while, because there is no bus service to the country.

Elimination of employment positions due to cut routes will just create more unemployed people. Areas without bus services will lose business and possibly employees themselves.

The bus is a lifeline that gives hope for a fresh start. We all pay taxes, therefore we all deserve services.

Daniel Starke