Washougal Mayor Sean Guard has Election Day court date



Election Day could provide Washougal Mayor Sean Guard not only an important glimpse into his city’s future but also the future of his misdemeanor case for impersonating a police officer.

Guard will appear before Cowlitz County Judge Edward Putka on Tuesday afternoon to learn whether the judge agreed with his request to remove the Cowlitz County Prosecutor’s Office from his case, court administrator Delaura Wirkkala said.

Guard’s attorney Kris Carrasco argued Thursday in Putka’s court that the prosecutor’s office failed to provide assurance that Aaron Bartlett, a former Guard attorney and current Cowlitz prosecutor, did not share information about the case with his new coworkers.

Putka decided afterward to postpone his decision until 4 p.m. Tuesday. Later that evening, results will be announced for Washougal’s four city council races.

Guard entered a not guilty plea July 11 to a charge of second-degree criminal impersonation for allegedly using the emergency lights on his city-owned vehicle to get past slower traffic on Interstate 5 near Kelso on Dec. 24, 2010.

Guard was previously scheduled to go to trial Oct. 21. However, he received a continuance due to an attorney change.

Guard does not have a new trial date but could have one once the judge makes his decision Tuesday, Carrasco said Friday.