Letter: Expose whitewash over donations



As October was “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” I was hoping to find more information on “pink washing.”

Pink washing is used to describe companies that are using pink ribbons or pink on products to imply some of the proceeds go to breast cancer research when they actually do not support the cause.

The fact that businesses are benefitting from having pink items but aren’t taking steps to help support the cause is very disturbing.

I am worried that while many companies are taking full advantage of consumers and a delicate subject, they are creating a feeling of disgust against products that truly do support breast cancer.

If consumers are better informed about the companies that do or don’t support breast cancer research, then consumers will be able to make decisions to purchase items that do support the research, if that is what they have been trying to do. By providing this information publicly, companies who may be taking advantage of the situation may revisit their approach and truly start helping with the cause.

Riana Stewart