Police, Occupy Portland discuss unruly march



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Five Portland protesters have locked themselves together and to a cement-filled barrel as they vow to remain in a downtown plaza.

Police said late Saturday that two of the five Occupy Portland protesters are handcuffed to a piece of medal inside the barrel in Terry Schrunk Plaza, which is federal property. The others linked themselves together and to the men in handcuffs by using U-shaped bike locks.

Police say federal officials do not plan enforcement action against the five. The Oregonian reports they were covered in blankets and an American flag late Saturday.

The report of the bound protesters came after police said earlier Saturday night that they received a forwarded email in which the group “The Real Occupy Portland” claimed responsibility for vandalizing two banks.

Windows were broken at a Chase Bank and Wells Fargo Bank branch. Both branches are in northeast Portland.