Health worker report




The Health Professions Quality Assurance office of the state Department of Health recently took disciplinary actions or has withdrawn charges against these Clark County health care providers.

In September, the Dental Commission granted the application of dental assistant Oscar Daniel Nieves and placed his registration on probation for one year. He must comply with terms and conditions set against his registration.

In September, the Dental Commission charged dentist Roger J. Wendel with unprofessional conduct. Wendel also holds a conscious sedation permit. The care he provided fell below the standard when performing root canal treatment on a patient.

In October, the Counselor Program suspended the credential of agency-affiliated counselor Martie Louise Waitas for failing to comply with an agreed order.

If you have questions about this report, contact Health Professions Customer Service at 360-236-4700. For questions about the Oregon State Board of Nursing report, call 971-673-0685.

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