Letter: Hold back judgments



In response to George Thomas’ Oct. 20 letter “Wealth of a few protected by party,” I’m very sorry he’s missing out on a wonderful relationship with God because he judges Christ by what imperfect humans do. As we all know, not one of us is perfect, not even Christ’s disciples were perfect.

The Bible shows how imperfect we all are, that’s why we need Jesus. We are not to strive to be like anyone else except Christ. I strive to be like Him but unfortunately I’m not perfect either.

Please don’t lump all Christians in one political party or point of view as I don’t want to be judged by what others do and there are many, many wonderful Christians in this city helping the needy. I wish I could do more for the poor but I’m a victim of cutbacks also. Readers, please read the New Testament and get to know Jesus, the only perfect person. Don’t throw away a beautiful eternal relationship because Christians are not on the level of perfection that Christ is, we can only try. I’m thankful He loves us anyway.

Donna Cooley