Letter: Voice activation is safer text option



The Oct. 30 story “Voice-activated iPhone snarls texting laws: Experts disagree if drivers’ use of device would be violation” discussed the laws regarding texting and cellphone use while driving. While the laws were put in place to remove distractions and make the road a safer place, lawmakers should be careful as to how restrictive they are made, as a blanket law could close down any future advances in driving communication.

Dave Grannan, CEO of Vlingo, was correct in stating that “you can’t change people’s behavior.” We need laws that allow for the creation of technology that will allow for safer driving. A huge population in Washington state still uses cellphones while driving, and whether it is hands-free, texting, or holding a phone to an ear, studies say that it is still a distraction. However, it’s not a distraction that people are willing to give up.

A safe alternative needs to be provided to fit people’s needs, and voice-activated technology seems to fit the bill.

Jared Cavanaugh