3 still in WSOP head to finale with most info ever



LAS VEGAS (AP) — The three top finishers at the World Series of Poker are preparing to settle an $8.72 million title armed with more information than ever before, adding a new layer to what’s already a thinker’s game.

The finalists, 22-year-old Pius Heinz of Germany, 26-year-old Ben Lamb of Las Vegas and 35-year-old Martin Staszko of the Czech Republic, have video access to every hand played at the first part of the final table. By Tuesday’s finale, that could change the game’s dynamic.

Lamb says it’s a new brand of poker, different from any game that’s been played before.

Gambling regulators are allowing ESPN to broadcast the action nearly live, with players’ cards shown on a 15-minute delay. Previously, players had to wait much longer to find out what their opponents had.