Letter: Traffic signs should be clearly visible



More than a year ago I received a ticket for driving 25 in a 20 mph school zone, a charge that the judge threw out. Driving in the outside lanes with trees blocking the view of the lights and with no lines across the street telling the driver where the zone started and finished, how is a driver to know?

Now city of Vancouver officials are suffering because they say they need to cut fire department services; police don’t respond to minor incidents (saying to file online or use the mail); pot holes continue to pop up; and derelict properties are left to get worse. The explanation is: We just don’t have the money (but we have a new city hall). All the while an unsafe area that should be highly visible is left without improvement. The excuses are that they are overworked, that the city is broke. School zones, stop signs, road speed signs and the like need to always be visible to have any value. I can’t think of any good reason for permitting this type of safety concern to exist.

John M. Larson