Letter: Police using excessive force



The Oakland, Calif., police force invaded Occupy Oakland on Oct. 26 with the most forceful intimidating violence yet, not seen since the violence in eastern nations. They hit a veteran in the head and he has a fractured skull. When protesters tried to help him, they were met with force that propelled them away. The scene has gone viral with the whole world watching. It was unreal against peaceful protesters. I hope protesters keep their calm because the police will be seen for what they are, overreacting, and now having caused a critical injury.

As part of the 99 percent, I am grateful for the youthful protesters who have been undermined for so long by corporate interests. Student debt, the mortgage crisis, big banks, free trade that drives jobs overseas, and no health care are causes for the Occupy actions nationwide. I am a proud member of Occupy Vancouver. City Hall needs to get its money out of Bank of America.

Let us all be peaceful during this crisis.

Genevieve Kortes