Rodda store is new paint disposal site



Clark County residents now have a new place to take their unwanted paints and related products for proper disposal: the Rodda Paint and Decor store at 1205 N.E. 95th St. in the Hazel Dell area.

The Rodda store is now the sixth retail outlet to accept paint, along with another Rodda location on Vancouver’s Fourth Plain Boulevard, Parkrose Hardware, the Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store and two Miller Paint Company locations. Clark County’s three transfer stations also accept unwanted paint and other materials for disposal.

Paints and thinners are considered hazardous household waste, and should not be poured down a drain, storm drain or put in a garbage can. The county recommends recycling and reuse as the only safe way to dispose of them.

Participating retail stores accept up to 25 gallons of paints and thinners per day, in containers no larger than 5 gallons. Leaky, damaged or unlabeled containers are not accepted.

Disposal tips and locations for paint and many other materials in Clark County are available at