Aussie Wing becoming a popular punter at LSU



BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — LSU’s punter from Down Under, Brad Wing, hopes he’ll one day be known more for punting than an infamous celebration penalty that took away his 52-yard touchdown run.

Wing says that appears to be happening already in his native Australia, where sports fans may not be intimately familiar with the rules of American football, but know good kicking when they see it.

Wing’s punting made him a star of No. 1 LSU’s tense 9-6 overtime win over Alabama last weekend. His 73-yard punt in the fourth quarter was one of four punts he put inside the 20 in that game, including two inside the 10.

Wing says he hopes his success gives more Australians a chance to play college football in America.

LSU hosts Western Kentucky on Saturday night.