Weather Eye: Begin to prepare now in case Thanksgiving turns wintry



Monday was kind of a typical gloomy winter-like day although it is still autumn. Could be much worse, though — at least we didn’t have rain coming sideways!

After a couple of teases with rain and mountain snow, we are still waiting for the train to leave the station, so to speak, on any parade of fall storms. As of Monday, we were still looking for much more active weather by the weekend continuing into Thanksgiving. If things go as some computer models indicate, we could be piling the snow up in the Cascades and have to weather rainy and blustery conditions in the lowlands.

Cold air is forecast to deepen in the arctic and venture southward in the next week or two. Just how far south is still up in the air — always something for us to keep a keen weather eye on. Could it be a repeat of last November, with a white Thanksgiving for some? Stay tuned as always.

My advice would be to plan ahead for the upcoming holidays and get ready any travel plans over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Especially if you’re traveling over the mountains, don’t wait until the last minute to visit the tire stores for tire change-outs or to purchase chains. Last year was a circus.

And speaking of the mountains, there is still time to travel over the passes without much worry, looking at the changing autumn scenery. The North Cascade Highway, Chinook and Cayuse passes are still open but may not be for long if the month turns cold and wet. A good website for checking mountain weather and conditions is:

You weather and history buffs may like to see some really neat handwritten weather records from the 1800s for Vancouver Barracks. Check out November, 1891.

See you on Thursday!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at