Camas man who allegedly shot son free to go, for now

Older man allegedly beaten up by younger; investigation ongoing




A Camas man arrested Nov. 3 for allegedly shooting his son has been exonerated pending further investigation.

Thomas J. Reiter, 70, had been scheduled to be arraigned Thursday morning in Clark County Superior Court on a charge of second-degree domestic violence assault.

His attorney, Steve Rucker, said that Reiter was exonerated Tuesday.

The son, Thomas F. Reiter, 43, has been cited for fourth-degree domestic violence assault for allegedly punching his father during the confrontation at the elder Reiter’s residence.

Rucker said he had a private investigator photograph the injuries that left his client severely bruised and bloodied.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, the father said he was drinking and smoking marijuana with friends in his apartment at 805 N.W. Greeley St. when his son came over and demanded money.

Reiter said he told his son to leave, but the son returned later, yelling and demanding money.

The father told Camas police officers that his son shoved him onto the floor and repeatedly punched him in the face.

Reiter said he eventually went to a table where he kept a revolver and told his son to leave the apartment.

He said his son told him to “go ahead and shoot.”

The son, who was shot in the arm, told police that his fatherpunched him first.

The case remains under investigation, Rucker said.