Letter: Assault on jobs for American truckers



In the Oct. 20 story “Union leaders, congressmen to try to block trucks from Mexico,” the issue appears that the Mexican government does not want to transfer their goods onto American trucks when they arrive at our border. So Congressional lawmakers, under NAFTA, arranged to have Mexican trucks and drivers haul goods in Texas from Laredo to Garland.

The lawmakers arranged for the Mexican trucks to be brought up to American requirements, and all at taxpayers’ expense.

This will take jobs from American truckers who are paying into our tax rolls while the Mexican drivers will not pay any income tax. It would seem a better solution, in view of our job losses and budget cuts, that the Mexican government officials, at their expense, upgrade their own trailers at the border, and put tax-paying American trucks and drivers on those trailers and take them to their destination. This would still allow for free trade under NAFTA.

Yakima fruit producers and shippers are among the proponents. This could be considered an assault on the American trucking industry. This is another example of why term limits are necessary. With low percent approval ratings, undaunted lawmakers continue to align themselves with campaign contributors and their own party’s political agendas.

Wilfred J. Hudson