Letter: Democrats, step up, help the needy



I’m appalled at Larry Little’s Oct. 28 letter, “Morality should not be legislated.” His statement that Republicans have no heart and care nothing for the needy of this great nation is pure inaccuracy.

With the Democrats spending so much tax money on bailing out Wall Street, failed banks and the failing auto system, they still want to bail out Americans who in many cases make more money on welfare and other “free” programs than those who work hard for 40 hours a week. We need to tighten the belts of those individuals who are living on welfare and not just using it as a means to get them through a tough stretch of time.

Where are the Democrats when the homeless and starving families need work and a roof over their heads? It is about time that Democrats step up and help those in need physically and not only via mouth.

I would also point out that it is the morally conscious Christians who help those in need and are the ones first on the scene in times of natural disasters and hard times.

Larry S. Bowman Jr.