Letter: Out of fear, the left attacks Cain



Rising from a poor family with determination, smarts and self reliance, Herman Cain earned multiple science and math degrees and became a business leader.

But just as the left — whose mission of the past 50 years has been to identify and support victims — despises Sarah Palin because she is the poster woman for the “anti-victim,” and just as the left found Anita Hill to vilify then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, they have now found women, some unidentified, who say Herman Cain sexually harassed them over a decade ago. And again, we find the media pursuing the story not according to the accuracy of the charges, but to the seriousness of them. Why? Because as a black conservative, Herman Cain, more than any other presidential candidate, would challenge blacks to move off the dependency plantation built for them by progressives. Given that blacks vote Democrat 90 percent of the time, Cain challenges the core value — relief from victimhood — on which the Democratic Party exists.

I see right through the Democratic Party this time, and I don’t care about phantom charges.

Bruce Smith

Battle Ground