Dos Santos claims Velasquez’s UFC belt in Fox show



ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Junior Dos Santos stopped Cain Velasquez just 1:04 into their UFC heavyweight title bout, claiming Velasquez’s belt and bringing a swift end to the mixed martial arts promotion’s prime-time network debut Saturday night.

Dos Santos hit Velasquez with an overhand right early in the first round, staggering the previously unbeaten champion to the canvas. The Brazilian challenger jumped onto Velasquez, who defended himself briefly before finally succumbing to Dos Santos’ relentless blows on his prone opponent.

The brief fight was the only event on a one-hour broadcast on Fox, which signed the UFC to a seven-year broadcast deal earlier this year.

The national television audience got a taste of MMA’s violence, but not much else in the incredibly short fight.

Velasquez apologized to his fans after the bout.