Occupy Portland protesters dismantle parts of camp



PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Tension are increasing at the Occupy Portland encampment where protesters are facing a midnight deadline to disperse or face possible police arrest.

Up to 200 campers at the site minutes before midnight and appear ready to face the promised arrests.

And the numbers of their supporters have been increasing with as many as 1,000 people now milling around the encampment.

Police in riot gear in clusters of about a dozen are on corners in the area but they have made no signs of moving in on the campers.

For the past couple of hours people in the camp have been giving speeches, telling protesters what to do in case of arrest.

Meanwhile, the camp has been doling out food with one tent has been serving coffee and burritos.

Earlier in the day, the demonstrators dismantled large sections of their encampment amid a heavy police presence before the deadline to clear out of two downtown parks following the month-long protest.