Letter: Attracting businesses is key for state



It was a sad day for America’s Vancouver when Office Ally’s CEO, Brian O’Neill, announced he would be moving his company’s corporate headquarters to San Antonio, Texas. Once again, Washington state’s B&O tax can take credit for sending another employer to a more tax-friendly locality. This loss further substantiates our city’s and state’s reputations as being anti-business.

In spite of his self-description as “a huge anti-tax person,” O’Neill must be commended for maintaining a presence in our city and preserving the 131 jobs currently held by local residents. It’s fair to say that a number of area CEOs and presidents may be contemplating a move elsewhere due to the heavy tax burden on small- to mid-size companies headquartered here.

Pay close attention, state and local officials — numerous out-of-state companies have relocated here and several more are considering the move. Let’s not scare them off. It’s one thing to convince CEOs and presidents to “land here, live here” but quite another to make sure they don’t leave here for a better place — a sad day for our city.

Bruce R. Randall