Letter: Education more valuable than ever



The cost of attending college continues to rise. As we enter an ever-changing work environment, the need for a college education is growing. The gap between affording college and not affording college continues to widen as many students cannot afford tuition. We do not hear about this issue unless we are attempting to attend college.

One debate that is raised, however, is whether or not college athletes should be paid. A recent story on ESPN.com makes the argument that, “College athletes deserve pay for play.” The main argument is that these universities make money off the athletes and that the athletes need to receive a piece of the profit.

What the story does not say is that these athletes are mostly only football and basketball players.

The story does not consider the rising cost of attending college and neglects the average American. Many of these “experts” weighing in on the subject are former college athletes. Before the experts argue for a pay-for–play system in college athletics, they should realize why they have their jobs. They received a full scholarship that helped them get the education that is highly valuable in today’s job market.

Daniel Barrette