Police: 900 tips but Bellevue boy still missing



BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) — Bellevue police say they have received 900 tips about a boy who has been missing nine days, but Maj. Mike Johnson told a news conference Monday they have no “high priority actionable items.”

Johnson says 300 law enforcement people are working on the disappearance of Sky Metalwala. Over the weekend they expanded the search around his mother’s apartment and the section of road where she said her 2-year-old son disappeared after she left him alone in an unlocked car to go for gas.

Investigators still want Julia Biryukova to answer more questions, but Johnson wouldn’t call her uncooperative.

He says investigators lack evidence to move the disappearance from a missing person to a criminal case.

Johnson says, “All theories are still viable and we have not ruled anything out.”