Jets’ D faces tough challenge in Broncos’ Tebow



FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — The New York Jets aren’t quite sure what to expect from Denver’s Tim Tebow.

They know the Broncos quarterback will run a whole lot Thursday night. Will he throw some, too? And, how much?

After spending last week preparing for New England’s Tom Brady, someone they’ve had plenty of experience playing, the Jets have only a few days to get ready for a player who Darrelle Revis says is “really another running back when he carries the ball.”

And that’s often. Tebow was just 2 for 8 passing for 69 yards, but also ran for 43 yards on nine carries last week. Revis doesn’t think this type of offense can last in the NFL, but acknowledges Tebow is doing a good job, with three wins in four starts this season.