Woodland seeks bond approval for new high school

By Marissa Harshman, Columbian health reporter


Updated: November 15, 2011, 7:26 PM

photoProposed property tax rates for the Woodland Public Schools over the next 25 years if a new $39.65 million high school bond is approved. The green bar is the existing operating levy, navy blue is existing bonds, red is 2012 bonds and light blue is the proposed 2014 bonds.

The Woodland School Board voted Monday to move forward with plans to build a new high school.

The district will ask voters to approve a $39.8 million bond in an April 2012 election to pay for construction of the new school.

The school board approved the bond request recommendations from an advisory committee at its meeting Monday. The recommendation was to construct a 130,000 square-foot high school to accommodate 850 to 900 students upon opening, including a new building footprint for future enhancements and classroom expansion.

The school would be built on district-owned property on Dike Access Road.

The board will select an architect by Jan. 9. The architect will develop renderings for a new building and work with the district on planning before the bond. The preliminary estimate for the bond is $39,875,000, contingent upon closer appraisal of the project.

The complete project proposal is available on the district’s website, Woodland Public Schools.