Fishing report 11/17

By Allen Thomas, Columbian outdoors reporter



Battle Ground, Rowland and three other lakes in Southwest Washington will be stocked with large rainbow trout for a special fishery beginning Nov. 25.

The five lakes, which also include Kress Lake near Kalama and two ponds in Lewis County, will be closed starting Monday.

The lakes will be planted and time allowed for the fish to get acclimated. Then fishing will open the day after Thanksgiving.

The trout will average more than a pound. Battle Ground Lake will get 2,500 trout. Rowland Lake, a Columbia River backwater east of Bingen in Klickitat County, will get 1,700 trout.

Kress Lake will receive 1,000 trout.

Angler checks from the Washington (WDFW) and Oregon (ODFW) departments of Fish and Wildlife:

Lower Columbia — Longview to Portland, 129 boaters with three legal sturgeon kept plus one legal, two oversize and 85 sublegals released. (ODFW)

Longview, four bank rods with no sturgeon. (WDFW)

Cowlitz River mouth, two boaters with one legal sturgeon kept. (WDFW)

Kalama, four bank rods with no salmon or steelhead; seven bank rods with no sturgeon; 12 boaters with three sublegal sturgeon released. (WDFW)

Woodland, one bank rod with no salmon or steelhead; six boaters and six bank rods with no sturgeon. (WDFW)

Vancouver, one bank rod with no sturgeon. (WDFW)

Camas-Washougal, three boaters with no salmon or steelhead; 10 boaters with one legal sturgeon kept and seven sublegals released. (WDFW)

North Bonneville, 24 bank rods with one legal sturgeon kept and two sublegals released. (WDFW)

Columbia Gorge (downstream of Bonneville Dam), four boaters with one sublegal sturgeon released; 50 Oregon bank rods with four legal sturgeon kept plus 32 sublegals released.

Mid-Columbia — John Day arm, 36 boats with one chinook and nine steelhead kept plus 10 steelhead and one coho released. (ODFW)

Cowlitz — Ten boaters with three adult coho kept and two adult coho released; 160 bank rods with one adult chinook, three adult coho, one jack coho, one steelhead and one sea-run cutthroat trout kept plus 29 adult chinook, one jack chinook and eight adult coho released.

Most of the catch is between the two hatcheries. Most of the chinook are either dark or wild. (WDFW)

Kalama — Thirty-four bank rods with three steelhead and two adult coho kept plus three coho and one steelhead released. (WDFW)

Lewis — Two bank rods with no catch. (WDFW)

North Fork Lewis — Eight boaters with four adult chinook and one adult coho kept plus two adult chinook and two adult coho released; 77 bank rods with 12 adult coho kept plus 10 adult coho and one adult chinook released. (WDFW)

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