Talking Points: Prince Fielder can do better



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Don’t worry, Prince Fielder. As speculation builds that the Seattle Mariners might make a pitch for your services, don’t you worry about what Safeco Field does to hitters.

Never mind that Jeff Cirillo and Scott Spiezio and Rich Aurilia and Richie Sexson came to Seattle as accomplished hitters and then suddenly couldn’t hit. Never mind that Adrian Beltre has been more successful both before and after his time in Seattle. Never mind that Safeco reduced runs by 15 percent last year.

You’re on track for a Hall of Fame career, Prince. So don’t worry about a ballpark that can crush the soul of hitters. Besides, Safeco is built for left-handed power hitters. Yeah, that’s it, it’s made for left-handed power hitters.

Right, Prince? Prince? Anybody there?


Regardless of which players are in the Mariner lineup in coming years, the competition will look a little different. The Houston Astros are joining the American League West in 2013.

That will give us 15 teams in each league — five in each division — meaning there will be interleague play throughout the season. For baseball traditionalists, this might be difficult to swallow, considering the Astros has spent all of their 50-year history in the NL. But it makes sense.

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