Boy, 4, OK after wandering from grandma’s house in middle of night

He was found by a passer-by at nearly 3 a.m.




Four-year-old Anthony went on an adventure in east Vancouver early Sunday morning and was found by a passer-by at 2:55 a.m., Vancouver police reported.

He said he had a bad dream while staying at grandma’s. He was wearing his Spider-Man pajamas, a black coat and a backpack with his blanket. He was carrying a blue metal flashlight, said Vancouver Sgt. Mike Chylack. He was discovered at Northeast Third Street and 104th Avenue, not far from a Walmart store. The temperature was near freezing. Police were called.

Officer Dustin Goudschaal took the boy — who said his name is Anthony and his mom’s name is Tonya — to a nearby Arco station and bought him chips and hot cocoa.

Three police units got involved trying to find grandma’s house.

“We drove everywhere with him last night and he could not point out his house,” Chylack said. “He was talking about an orange car and a purple Jetta.”

When the search failed, the officers took Anthony to the East Precinct at 155th Avenue and Mill Plain Boulevard.

There, he watched cartoons and ate an orange, Chylack said.

Child Protective Services was alerted.

KGW-TV reported on the wandering boy on Sunday morning and his mother called 911 at 7:22 a.m.

“Junior’s back with mom and everybody’s happy,” Chylack said.

By the way, grandma’s house was just three blocks from where Anthony was spotted. Oh, Anthony also told officers he has an upcoming birthday.

Chylack said this was not the first time a youngster has gone rambling at night.