Letter: Comparisons occupied by bias



The majority media coverage of the “Occupy” crowd compared with that of the earlier Tea Party rallies is rather striking for a sheer lack of objectivity.

While the Tea Partiers left their rally areas cleaner than when they came, most of the Occupiers areas look like a trash-strewn war zone. While the Tea Partiers observe every applicable law and ordinance, the Occupiers trash them at every turn. While the Tea Party movement is self supporting, the Occupy movement is suspected to be funded with multi-billionaire George Soros’ cash he made by huge stock market investments that sometimes crashed small nations’ economies. While shouted racist epithets about Jews are common in this movement around America, if one radical with a swastika attends one tea party in America, the whole movement is branded as racist by our so-called “journalists.”

Death and violence and general anarchy are increasing in the Occupy movement, some have even been calling for bloodshed and America’s “mainstream journalists” praise the Occupy movement and condemn the Tea Partiers as “dangerous,” “extremist,” “fringe elements.” We get the message.

I hope you can survive off of the Occupy movement, because the rest of us are looking for an America-loving media that still values true freedom.

Will H. Matson

Battle Ground