Letter: Occupy group wants positive change



The Occupy movement is one that has been masked as being unruly, illegal, and selfish by some parts of the media. As someone who has supported the movement since it started, I found the Oct. 29 story “Occupy Vancouver rally collects donations for food bank” to be quite refreshing to read as it showed that not everyone involved is “lazy” and just “looking for a handout.”

While some participants may still be doing things that are frowned upon by the movement itself, there is still the core of the group that wants things to change for the better while following the law.

The food drive showed that the movement is not just a bunch of lazy people who just want things better for themselves, but that we legitimately want things to change for the better and are willing to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Thanks for providing unbiased reporting on this movement and the good that it is really trying to accomplish.

Justin Shelton

Battle Ground