Letter: Warmongers are still on the prowl



Upon reading his Nov. 10 letter, “Liberals wear blinders to war facts,” I believe Ron “Wick” Thomas seems to be another warmonger in our midst. The United States has been at war more years in the last 120 than any other country. Most were acts of aggression. All engagements in the Western Hemisphere fall into this category.

World War I was a family squabble that we were sucker punched into by Winston Churchill, then England’s Minister of Munitions.

World War II was a war that had to be fought to save civilization in Europe and a response to a hideous act of aggression in the Pacific.

Korea was a war fought to support an ally at a time when we were tired of war and a very naive population.

Vietnam? A war to prevent free elections.

Iraq was a shock and awe war that has lasted longer than 30 days in which we were fought to a standstill by men in blankets with hand-held weapons.

Afghanistan is much the same and should have been over quickly if Osama bin Laden had been followed into his den early on.

As I have said to others of Thomas’ beliefs and rationale, “The Army is still looking for a few good men.”

Thomas R. Carney