Talking Points: 49ers, we thank you



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Thank you, San Francisco 49ers.

Your 23-7 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday guaranteed this year’s NFC West champion will not have a losing record this season.

Even with a monumental collapse, finishing 9-7 atop the division is definitely not as embarrassing as 7-9 and hosting a home playoff game.

The NFC Worst has earned its nickname, no doubt, be we like it when whoever come out on top has won more than they’ve lost.


Bud Withers of the Seattle Times gazed into his crystal ball this past week and sees the Washington Huskies headed to the Alamo Bowl.

“Although nobody from either the Alamo or the Huskies is saying much, the sides have been cozy lately, and it’s likely Washington would be Riverwalk-bound if it wins out, not at all a bad fate,” Withers wrote.

Utah’s 30-27 overtime win at Washington State on Saturday made the Utes potentially on track for the Sun Bowl. Or does it?

Wrote Withers: “… longtime Sun official John Folmer thinks the Alamo might think twice about Washington over Utah, implying the Utes might bring more fans than the Huskies.”


In case you’re thinking about buying an early Christmas gift with “Penn State” on it … retailers have seen a 40 percent decrease in Penn State merchandise sold since the child molestation scandal surfaced.

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