Weather Eye: Keep those drains clear and batten down those hatches



No need to mention that it will be stormy again Tuesday and Wednesday, with strong winds and rain heavy at times. There has been enough weather news in the headlines to publicize that. We get a brief break late Wednesday and then another storm on Thanksgiving with lower snow levels and then perhaps more rain and windy conditions over the weekend.

I mentioned here last week that the La Niña Express has finally left the station and it is on a fast track to parts unknown. Tuesday will have very strong winds along the coast, and a wind advisory was issued locally for winds to 40 mph. There go the rest of the leaves, maybe. Might as well wait for a break to clean up your yard, though it’s a good idea to keep the storm drains open.

Many residents took advantage of Saturday’s short break in the weather and put up their outdoor holiday lighting. Then, under the gloomy skies, a few illuminated the neighborhoods a bit early — but oh, well.

The Seattle Forecast Office of the National Weather Service now offers online streaming of NOAA Weather Radio for transmission sites north and west of Mount Rainier, at

Getting back to our current storm, we could see scattered power outages now through Wednesday, as many trees do have leaves on them and the ground is getting saturated. Be prepared. I lost power for a half-hour Wednesday around 10:30 p.m., when winds were gusting to 40-45 mph. One gets comfortable, enjoying life in a subdivision with underground utilities. But remember — the electrical feed comes overhead to get there.

Believing we will have plenty more wild weather this winter, I have flashlights and candles handy. I remember having the power go out on Thanksgiving a few years back — we ended up putting the turkey on the gas barbecue. That was an experience. Cold turkey? No thank you!

I will be at Sunriver for the holiday and will report the travel conditions over the mountains and the eastside weather.

See you on Thanksgiving. Be safe!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at