Letter: Share your good fortune



As the holidays approach, staff and volunteers at Share are dedicated to ensuring that homeless and low-income families get a chance to celebrate in the midst of a difficult period in their lives. These men, women and children are surviving on extremely limited incomes and struggle to afford the most basic of necessities, such as food and clothing — holiday gifts are a luxury out of their reach.

Share received a letter that reminded us of the generosity of our community: “My name is Larry Sword and I am a retired Union Pacific Railroad Conductor. I have been walking since January trying to get into shape. In doing so, I found on the ground $35.74 in change and bills which I am giving to Share for holiday dinners for people who are less fortunate than me and my family. I would encourage each person who reads this letter to send a check to help feed those who are hungry. Thank you very much and may God bless each and every one of you in this coming year with continued health and happiness.”

As executive director and on behalf of Share, thank you to Sword and all our dedicated supporters for their generous donations to those in need.

Diane McWithey