Letter: Make some changes … now



Not so long ago, President Obama and his wondrous financial gurus promised that $800 billion would save the United States and put Americans back to work. Result: The rich got a lot richer and the poor got a lot poorer and unemployment (actual unemployment) has remained at horrendous levels.

Now his highness wants another $450 billion to “save the United States and put Americans back to work.” This is the same person who promised to close tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. With Democratic control of both houses of Congress for Obama’s first two years, not one piece of legislation aimed at keeping that promise emerged. When asked by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., about the promised “transparency in government,” Obama replied, “We’re not campaigning anymore. The election’s over.” And now this glib, grinning, lying president and his minions (our own Sens. Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, et al) say, believe us, we will put Americans back to work.

Enough is enough. Whom were these officials elected to represent — the United States or Mexico, South Korea, and China?

Close the borders, expel the illegals, and bring back our heavy industry. Shutting down the United States will not save the world.

Derril Larson