Letter: Occupy not representing 99%



There has been a lot of media coverage recently about Occupy Wall Street. These people have such big egos that they think they represent 99 percent of America. It appears these folks hate Capitalism and love Socialism or even worse, Communism. Take a hard look at Europe today, you would think the last thing any sane person would want is a socialist form of government.

From what I see the OWS should change their acronym to YOM (You Owe Me). Every one of them wants something for nothing and thinks they have the birthright to what other people have earned. They do not represent 99 percent of America and they never will. The thing these protesters will never understand is that they live in the greatest country in the world. So upon further review maybe Capitalism really does work; history proves Socialism and Communism do not.

We all agree greed is a bad thing and OWS aka YOM is proving beyond a doubt what greedy people they are.

Darel Maden