Letter: Money doesn’t lead to happiness



Being a 17-year-old in high school, I’m constantly being drowned with the assumption that I should only choose careers with nifty incomes. My parents are constantly pushing me to join the medical field and even teachers are drilling me with the idea that the world revolves around money. Instead of encouraging careers in music, art, fine arts, etc., the world is essentially forcing students to join more “practical” careers.

Theoretically, with more money, we would be able to buy more of what we want and therefore buy more happiness. However, this is not true. What about people who have won the lottery and that results in massive depression? When I think of the word “happiness,” I certainly don’t think of stacks of hundred-dollar bills. Instead, I think of my family, my friends, and doing things that I love.

Students need to stop and think more about what makes them happy besides the aspect of money in a career. More parents and teachers should encourage students to join careers that their students and children are actually interested in so they can go off living happier lives.

Athen Nguyen