Letter: Rhino population is growing



In a Nov. 20 letter, “Pay attention to looming extinctions,” David Zilavy wrote of “rhinos becoming extinct” and claims the public is apathetic. However, the International Rhino Foundation (based in Florida, thousands of miles from the rhino herds of Africa and Asia) is doing marvelous work saving rhinos with limited funds. Also, the World Wildlife Foundation (based in Washington, D.C.), reports positive results. In fact, the total rhino population is now increasing yet only “extinction” stories are being reported so people become confused and upset.

The problem stems from Asians (mostly Chinese) demanding rhino horns for medical usage. Local poachers kill the rhinos to supply that demand.

Meanwhile, many American, Canadian, Mexican, British, Spanish, French, Belgian, Dutch, German, Austrian, and Italian citizens are saving the rhinos of Africa and Asia by supporting wildlife preserves and relocation programs. Once again, the West compassionately digs deep to solve a Third World problem.

Over eons, our planet has witnessed the extinction of millions of species populations, and the creation of millions more. For example, weak or overly aggressive pets have become extinct while labs, retrievers, spaniels, and border collies were created and loved, and the world turns. That is the wonder of life.

Mary Graham