Letter: Who’s really to blame?



In her Nov. 21 letter, “True colors of GOP exposed,” Joan Walker blamed Republicans for everything except global warming. She forgot to mention us for causing the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, the Texas drought, the Arizona dust storms and Hurricane Edna. She was correct in saying we need jobs while her hero residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C., blocked a oil pipeline project that would produce thousands of jobs.

A Nov. 10 story reported “U.S. delays massive oil pipeline from Canada.” I hope Walker will still be proud of her party when Canada decides to send her billions of barrels of petroleum to China along with those aforementioned jobs. Obama said he would review his decision after the 2012 elections (after he has campaigned for the vote of the greenies). I’m sure the 40 million jobless folks who Walker alluded to are overjoyed. If only we had a law requiring all candidates for president and Congress be required to pass a course in Econ 101.

Bill Hughes