Letter: Be thankful



The Thanksgiving holiday is a reason to celebrate for everyone. For families affected by cancer, we are especially thankful for one more day with our loved one fighting a brutal and often fatal disease. Families affected by cancer are thankful (and hopeful) for the treatments available that may possibly save our family member.

We are thankful for the people helping our loved one including doctors, caregivers and hospice workers. We are thankful for the researchers working to find a cure so that our loved one may celebrate one more birthday. We are thankful for the millions of volunteers worldwide who anonymously and tirelessly give hope to our family via the American Cancer Society and other cancer-related organizations. Events like the ACS Relay for Life (three are held in Clark County alone) bring us together to remind our families of the many reasons we are thankful.

Even though my family celebrated Thanksgiving this year with one less family member because a cancer cure has yet to be identified, we are thankful that so many other families will still be able to celebrate the holidays with their loved one winning the cancer battle. As a family affected by cancer, we still have much to be thankful for.

Carol Taylor