Letter: Prevent transit of coal through county



There are plans by large out-of-state corporations to ship coal by train from Montana and Wyoming through Clark County, for export to China. The long-term costs to our region will be devastating and expensive both in terms of human health costs and environmental damage and degradation, as well as noise pollution, traffic congestion, and soil contamination from coal dust.

America is shutting down coal power plants because there are no clean or safe ways to mine, transport, or burn coal. Mercury and dioxin from coal, as well as other chemicals contained in coal, coal dust, and burned coal emissions, is toxic to humans and animals. Coal dust blows off of coal trains by the hundreds of pounds per hour for the average coal train. The long-term medical costs for Clark County residents, our polluted air, groundwater, and soil is simply too great to allow this greed-based operation to commence.

The last Washington state coal-fired power plant will shut down in a few years. Will Clark County allow this transit of coal to be shipped to China to burn in their power plants to further pollute global air?

Write your elected officials and tell them you don’t want coal trains passing through Clark County.

Michael Gary