Letter: Vandalism is issue at all skate parks



I read the Nov. 21 story “Cameras keep eye out for vandals.” Bill Bjerke, operations superintendent for parks and grounds maintenance at Clark County’s Department of Public Works, is quoted, “Pacific Park is the one that gets tagged the worst. … It’s the only one that has a skate park in the county.” Do we have a superintendent that does not know his parks? There is a skate park at Tenney Park on Northeast 88th Street in Hazel Dell, and I have had many conversations and calls to Bjerke. Tenney Park was put in before Pacific and we have been having the same issues. I would think the county would have looked at that park and planned ahead.

I am sorry to read the issues are the same if not worse as Pacific Park is bigger. Why did it take four years to get cameras? Is Tenney going to get cameras too?

I hope that Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation learns that skate parks are a bad idea. I’ve seen lots of kids and families enjoy them, but unfortunately there are always a few people that make it bad for all.

Kathy Froehlich