Talking Points: 66-game season sounds good





NBA owners and players should be careful what they wish for.

The new agreement, according to reports, calls for a 66-game season beginning Christmas Day. And when it’s over, Talking Points thinks the media (and probably the players) will be clamoring for a 66-game season every year.

Said one local NBA fan: “Absolutely. Too many games right now. It would be easier on players, which is better for fans. I would rather have fewer games, fewer injuries, and better play.”

So there. It’s official. There’s one fan of the NBA living here in Clark County.

But seriously, if fans are willing to attend games between the Clippers and the Kings in November, then those games are bringing in revenue. It’s all a matter of supply and demand; if people are going to buy the extra games, then the league will keep selling them.


Think of the possiblities: The Seahawks are going for their third consecutive win on Sunday.

Not since 2007 has that been a reality.

The Seahawks are even favored to beat the Redskins. Oddsmakers haven’t liked the Seahawks yet this season.

Get this victory and the Seahawks are 5-6 with five weeks to play. The Andrew Luck sweepstakes may have passed Seattle by, but a winning record (or at least .500) hasn’t yet.

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