Letter: Return to programs like WPA



Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler says she wants to bring jobs to her district and the country but she continues to fight against plans that will help, and have been proven to help. President Obama’s jobs program will put people to work and give this country projects that will help everyone.

Herrera Beutler claims that it will not work for the government to supply money-for-work programs, but she has nothing to back up that claim. After the Great Depression, President Roosevelt had the courage to start the Works Progress Administration, which gave paid jobs to millions of Americans and gave us tangible projects that we still enjoy today. Roads, public buildings, bridges, schools, and parks were constructed. Go to almost any national park or national forest and you will see infrastructure that was put in place during Roosevelt’s era. The WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps fixed infrastructure problems throughout the U.S. while providing jobs and helping to get us out of the Depression.

We could have more jobs in this country if Herrera Beutler and colleagues would stop pandering to big corporations and start caring a little about the country.

Peter Christ