Letter: Effort to improve fails as remedy



I don’t understand why the economy and the employment situation is not improving. The president (who I voted for) emphasizes the importance of re-energizing the national economy and creating family-wage jobs. Elected representatives and senators, regardless of party affiliation, have all stressed the need for a vibrant economy and decreased unemployment. The governors of 49 states and state legislatures (only booming North Dakota is the possible exception) have similarly committed to this essential agenda. Elected commissioners and council members in thousands of counties and cities across the country are in office because they campaigned on the need for more jobs to get local economies back on track.

In spite of the efforts of all these public servants to make substantial improvement, it has not happened. The economy remains in a state of volatile limbo and unemployment remains around 9 percent and more.

Obviously elected officials are incapable of remedying this situation. Why? It seems to me to be because of their allegiance to their preferred political party mantras preventing working together, finding compromise solutions. As taxpayers we compensate these elected officials with generous salaries and benefits. It also seems to me that we taxpayers are not getting much in return for our investment in our leaders because of their intransigence.

Dennis L. Johnson