Letter: Welfare of nation is in last place



Robert Wassman’s Nov. 17 letter “Tea Party upholds principles,” which conflates the Occupy movement with the Communist Party, is typical of the Republican — especially Tea Party — practice of repeating untruthful statements to make their point. The Occupy movement has nothing to do with the Communist Party and the Tea Party movement is not in strict compliance with the U. S. Constitution, which calls for equal protection of the laws. They are generally opposed to the general welfare, preferring to waste a billion dollars to spending it to promote the welfare of our citizens, and they religiously deny minorities the equal protection of the laws.

Fear is their favorite tactic. Signs saying “Save Our City” were designed to promote fear. And it worked. Save us from what?

Perhaps if Wassman were to stop stoking his own ideological mania for a moment he would be able to think about the damage the Tea Party is doing. Tea Party austerity plans are not about saving money. They are about their pledge to Grover Norquist not to raise taxes in any form. They know that without Norquist’s support they will not be re-elected. Re-election is their ideology, not austerity and certainly not the welfare of our nation.

Joel Littauer