Letter: Reduce gas costs by slowing down



Reduce gas costs by slowing down

Well, oil prices are up again. So, I ask if any readers would like some $3 gasoline. By relating driving habits to gas consumption, it’s possible.

AAA suggests fuel consumption can be reduced about one-third by not speeding, not making jackrabbit starts and avoiding erratic braking. Add maintaining proper tire pressure and it works. I’m doing it.

Every day I see drivers wasting fuel by driving as above on nearly every road I drive. The speed limit on 164th/162nd Avenue is 40 mph. But, every day while I drive 40 mph in the right lane, about 75 percent of the others speed by in the left lane and they stay in the left lane. They are sitting at a red light as I catch up.

Now, if they were to change their driving habits it would deprive me of my daily chuckles. I catch up with the speeders at most red lights and breeze right by as the light turns green, chuckling all the way. They wasted gas speeding from red light to red light and then wasted more idling.

Slow down. Save money. Save lives.

Roy Morgan