Letter: Occupiers need some defined goals



I cannot help but sympathize with the Occupy movements’ efforts. They might not have an organized voice yet, but they are clear about what they are against and that is corporate greed and the politicians who support their agendas. So here are a few suggestions the Occupy movement could lend their voice to. Let us start with term limits. We need representatives who represent us, not special interest groups. Power corrupts, and the desire to remain in power has corrupted our political process.

It is time for true tax reform. Wealth does not grow on trees; it comes from people who spend their hard-earned money on something. And without the people, the product has little or no value and those who own the product have little or no wealth.

Lastly, it is time for real health care reform. In a country that claims to believe in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” no one should lose their home or their life savings because they become ill. Free medical care should be a personal right.

Maybe it is time for a new Constitutional Convention, with delegates who are not members of Congress and not someone who is running for re-election.

Doug Maynard