Young Battle Ground scientists win honors



Battle Ground — Teams of young scientists from two Battle Ground district schools — Captain Strong Primary and HomeLink Battle Ground — earned ribbons for finishing in the top five in one or more events at the elementary school Science Olympiad Nov. 19 at Clark College. The HomeLink team of second-graders placed third in the “Paper Rockets” event. They were coached by Brenda Johnson, a paraprofessional who teaches an engineering and technology science class. The Captain Strong team, coached by teachers Susan Crill and Katie Prill, finished fifth in three of the five events: Bamboozling Boxes, Barge Building and Metric Mastery. In addition, one of the five groups that made up the Captain Strong team had the best group score in Bamboozling Boxes. In that event, each group had a wrapped container the size of a shoe box and attempted to discern properties of the object inside without opening the box.