Early cleanup of Seattle’s only river moving ahead



SEATTLE (AP) — Ten years after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency listed the lower five miles of Seattle’s Duwamish River as a Superfund site, cleanup work on some of the most toxic sections is moving forward.

On Monday, the city of Seattle will begin dredging and removing over 10,000 cubic yards of sediment in a navigational slip that is contaminated with PCBs. The $8 million project at Slip 4 is part of a larger, decades-long effort to reduce toxic waste from a century of heavy industrial use along the waterway.

Slip 4 is one of several identified as the worst areas requiring accelerated cleanup. Another is Boeing’s Plant 2. Earlier this month, Boeing tore down the last remaining steel structures at the plant. Dredging and soil cleanup is expected to begin in 2012.